January 2017

Seaton Town Council Grants' Awards January 2017

Five local organisations were awarded grants totaling £3,990 recently. The groups in receipt of grants are Seaton Cricket Club, Seaton Martial Arts Centre, Seaton Majorettes, Seaton & District Memory Cafe and Axe Valley and West Dorset Ring and Ride Service.

Representatives from the grant-aided groups attended an awards ceremony at Marshlands on Monday 20th January to receive cheques from the Mayor of Seaton, Councillor Marcus Hartnell.

The Mayor said "It is always very pleasing when the Council is able to support local groups and organisations within our Town through the Grant Funding Scheme. I think it is important that the Council recognises the hard work of volunteers within our community by offering financial assistance when needed."

The next round of grant applications will be considered by the Council in July. Groups wanting to apply for a grant can find more details and an application form on our website by visiting the link below.

Seaton Town Council Grant Funding Application and Background Information.

Axe Valley & West Dorset Ring and Ride Service

Seaton Cricket Club

Seaton Martial Arts Centre

Seaton Majorettes

Seaton & District Memory Cafe


At the Extraordinary Council meeting on 9 January, Seaton Town Council agreed its budget for 2017-18 requiring a precept of £306,989 (this represents £99.09 at Council Tax Band D).

All Councillors have contributed to the budget setting process which began three months ago.

Council Chairman, Councillor Marcus Hartnell said "Seaton Town Council is a very active and busy council, working hard to deliver on multiple projects, whilst continuing to make our town vibrant and welcoming. As we take on assets and services from other authorities we must make decisions that ultimately have financial implications. As Councillors we have to justify those decisions, and the impact they have on our taxpayers. We have chosen not to cut back on the nice things we do, such as Christmas lights in the town centre and seasonal planting displays as we know residents and visitors enjoy them. It would be wrong to stop caring about the appearance of our town at a time when we are attracting a lot of investment, including the construction of a Premier Inn hotel, that will ultimately attract more visitors."

"We are striving to become a more efficient and business-minded organisation, seeking to generate our own income, minimise our operating costs and deliver value for our community. The increase of 41p per week for a band-D property, in relation to what we do, and the assets we have acquired in the Town Hall and Marshlands, represents great value."