In the event of an emergency or the need to contact Seaton Town Council out of hours, please contact any one of the Councillors. Please keep working through the list until you speak to someone who can help you.


Cllr Kenneth Beer (Chairman)

15 Riverdale Orchard, Seaton EX12 2RG

Tel: 01297 625711 / 07954403184

Cllr Jack Rowland (Deputy Chairman)

18 Albion Close, Seaton

EX12 2XS

Tel:  07831 314149   

Cllr Daniel Ledger

13 Marsh Road, Seaton. EX12 2LQ

Cllr Steve Read

65 Beer Road, Seaton,

EX12 2PR

07546 414330  


Jack Russell

The Studio Flat, 15 Harbour Road, Seaton, EX12 2LX

Tel: 07973 375111

No email 

Cllr Heather A Sanham

Flint House, Fremington Road, Seaton EX12 2HX

01297 24557/07816858500

Cllr Martin Shaw

Lynwood, Old Beer Road, Seaton, EX12 2PX

Tel: 01297 20167

Amrik Singh

47 Primrose Way, Seaton. EX12 2XE

Tel: 07966 444321 

Cllr Tony Antoniou

97 Scalwell Lane, Seaton. EX12 2ST

Tel: 01297 599056 / 07702 822020 

Cllr Andrew Gwyn Davies

12 Beer Road, Seaton

EX12 2PA

Tel: 07989 216140  

Cllr Dawn A Squire

9 Littlefields, Seaton, EX12 2BZ

01297 20797/07791996627

Cllr Derek Haggerty

Little Seaforth, Old Beer Road,

Seaton. EX12 2PZ

Tel: 01297 24276 / 07719 565447

See register of interest forms for councillors here