Policy & Procedure

Seaton Town Council has a range of powers and duties and there are rules and regulations for how we manage our finances and assets on behalf of the Community.  A Power is an action which the Council may choose to apply.  A Duty is what the Council must do.


Our powers have to do with the provision of and/or maintenance and financial support for:

land access, baths and wash houses, monuments and memorials, shelters, burial grounds, mortuaries, cemeteries and closed churchyards, bye-laws in regard to pleasure grounds, cycle parks, open spaces, public conveniences, public clocks, common land and pasture, conference facilities, community centres, crime prevention, drainage, entertainment and the support of the arts, to incur expenditure for certain items, to accept gifts on behalf of the Council, highways, litter bins, refuse and litter more generally, dedication and the widening of streets and roads, roadside seats and shelters, unlawful encroachment, traffic signs, plant and maintain trees and grass verges, collective investment, tourism, traffic calming, transport, water supply.


to provide allotments and require financial information to be provided as this may support the work of the Council.


The Council is able to contribute the view of the community in respect of planning and development within Town Council boundaries.

The documents below set out how we ensure that Council business is carried out according to the existing rules and regulations.

Policies and Procedures

Standing Orders

Financial Regulations

Internal Controls


Member / Officer Relations Protocol