Planning Committee 

Chairman: Cllr D Ledger

Committee: Cllrs: K Beer, J Rowland, J Russell & M Shaw

Planning Committee meetings are held on the first Monday of each month starting at 6.30pm before the Full Council meeting. There maybe an occasion for an extra Planning Committee meeting if necessary.



Click here to go to the planning page on East Devon District Council website for detailed information on each planning application. Or visit Seaton Town Council offices to access the planning page on the computer in the reception area.

Planning Committee Agendas and Minutes 

Please click on Agenda or Minutes to view the relevant document

Agendas are available to download 3 clear days before the date of the meeting.


Monday 20th May 2019   Agenda Minutes
Monday 3rd June 2019 Agenda


Monday 17th June 2019 Agenda Minutes
Monday 1st July 2019 Agenda Minutes
Monday 15th July 2019Agenda Minutes
Monday 29th July 2019 Agenda Minutes
Monday 12th August 2019 Agenda Minutes
Tuesday 27th August 2019 Agenda Minutes
Monday 9th September 2019 Agenda Minutes
Monday 23rd September 2019 Agenda  Minutes
Monday 30th September 2019Agenda  Minutes
Monday 14th October 2019Agenda  Minutes
Monday 4th November 2019 Agenda  Minutes
Monday 2nd December 2019 Agenda Minutes 
Monday 6th January 2020Agenda Minutes 
Monday 3rd February 2020 Agenda Minutes 
Monday 17th February 2020 AgendaMinutes
Monday 2nd March 2020Agenda Minutes 
Monday 6th April 2020AgendaMinutes
Monday 4th May 2020AgendaMinutes 


Monday 21st May 2018 AgendaMinutes 
Monday 4th June 2018 AgendaMinutes 
Monday 18th June 2018 AgendaMinutes 
Monday 2nd July 2018 AgendaMinutes 
Monday 16th July 2018 AgendaMinutes 
Monday 30th July 2018 AgendaMinutes 
Monday 13th August 2018 AgendaMinutes 
Tuesday 28th August 2018  AgendaMinutes 
Monday 3rd September 2018  AgendaMinutes 
Monday 10th September 2018  AgendaMinutes 
Monday 24th September 2018  AgendaMinutes 
Monday 8th October 2018  AgendaMinutes 
Monday 22nd October 2018  AgendaMinutes 
Monday 5th November 2018  AgendaMinutes 
Monday 19th November 2018  AgendaMinutes 
Monday 3rd December 2018  AgendaMinutes 
Monday 17th December 2018   AgendaMinutes 

Monday 7th January 2019 

Monday 21st January 2019  AgendaMinutes 
Monday 4th February 2019  AgendaMinutes 
Monday 18th February 2019  AgendaMinutes 
Monday 4th March 2019  AgendaMinutes 
Monday 18th March 2019  AgendaMinutes 
Monday 1st April 2019  AgendaMinutes 
Monday 15th April 2019  AgendaSee 20.05.19
Monday 29th April 2019  CancelledSee 20.05.19