Outside Bodies 2018-2019

Each year the Council nominates Councillors to represent the Council on Outside Bodies.  For 2018-2019 our nominees are:

Axe Valley Local Action Group                             Councillor K Beer (Cllr Hartnell reserve)

Beach Management Plan Stakeholder Group     Cllrs H Sanham and M Shaw

Community Transport Association                      Councillor C Chadwick 

Devon Association of Local Councils (DALC)    Councillor J Rowland 

DALC County Committee                                     Councillor K Beer 

East Devon Arts & Culture Forum                       Councillor R Webster

Jurassic Coast Ambassadors                              Councillor M Hartnell

National Association of Local Councils (NALC) / Councillor M Hartnell

Natural Seaton Partnership                                    Councillor H Sanham 

Seaton & Colyton Traffic Group                            Councillor P Burrows

Seaton Locality Health & Care Forum                  Councillors J Rowland & P Burrows

Seaton Regeneration Forum                                 Councillors J Rowland & H Sanham