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Celebrating those who reach 100 years of age 

Do you know of any Seaton residents who will be reaching their 100th birthday soon?  If so, Seaton Town Council would like you to let us know so that the Council can acknowledge their achievement.  All we need is the full name and address of the resident concerned so that we can ensure they receive congratulations.  It would also be helpful if you could let us have your name and contact details in case of any queries.  Please email the information required to  If you have any queries please telephone (01297) 21388 or call in.  The Council offices are open Monday to Thursday from 9am to 2pm.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Recycling surplus NHS equipment

Lots of people need aids and adaptations to help them maintain their independence.  The NHS distributes millions of pounds worth of equipment each year in this respect, much of which is left in people's homes even after it is no longer needed.

Seaton Town Council is working in partnership with Millbrook Healthcare, an organisation which will collect and recycle the surplus NHS equipment through its 'Return It' campaign'.  Millbrook Healthcare can then re-distribute the equipment to others who may need it.

If you have been issued with NHS equipment in the past which you no longer need and can arrange to have it delivered to the Council's Offices in Marshlands, Harbour Road, the Council will then contact Millbrook Healthcare who will collect the equipment from time to time for recycling. 

For further information please telephone (01297) 21388 or email

Annual Return

The Council's Annual Return has now been audited and is available for viewing.

Audited Annual Return

External Auditors Report

Notice of Conclusion of Audit

For more information please contact the Council on 01297 21388 or by emailing  

Seaton in Bloom Competition Winners receive their commendations

Seaton Town Council welcomed this year's Seaton in Bloom winners to Marshlands on Friday 8th September for a reception and to receive their commendations in the form of certificates and cups.  A great time was had by all.  Our Mayor, Councillor Jack Rowland officiated with Councillors Peter Burrows, Martin Pigott and Heather Sanham supporting the event.  You can see a list of the winners and categories for the competition below along with photographs of the presentations on the evening.  Well done to everyone who took part and our thanks for helping to make this year's competition a real winner.

Categories and Winners

Best Large Front Garden

First Place - Mr J Anning

  Pictured: Mr J Anning

Second Place - Mr Chris Hill

No photo available as unfortunately Mr Hill could not attend the prize giving.

 Best Medium Front Garden  

 First Place - Mr & Mrs Munro

 Pictured: Mr Munro

Second Place - Mrs Marie-Ann Talbot

  Pictured: Mrs M Talbot

Third Place - Mrs Margaret Young

  Pictured: Mrs M Young


Best Small Front Garden  

First Place - Mr & Mrs Spiller

No photo available as unfortunately Mr & Mrs Spiller could not attend the prize giving.  

 Best Communal Area

First Place - Jubilee Lodge and Jubilee Mews

  Pictured: Mrs Trapani

Second Place - Haven Court

 Pictured: Mr Hunt


Best Allotment

First Place and Second Place  - Mr Malcolm Hammett

  Pictured: Mr Hammett


Third Place - Kay Clive-Francis

  Pictured: Kay-Clive-Francis