Councillor Vacancies



Seaton Town Council holds elections every four years.  Sometimes a Councillor cannot complete their four year term of office which means a vacancy occurs.

When a vacancy occurs we inform East Devon District Council which advises us if the vacancy will be filled by election or co-option.

For an election to take place 10 members of the electorate (people who are eligible to vote) must write to request the election. If co-option occurs, then candidates meet with the Town Council who vote on which candidate will be co-opted.

Elections are expensive to run.  For example our last election cost £6,000.  For that reason Seaton Town Council has resolved to advertise vacancies when they occur but not to issue election cards as this, alone, costs £3,000. Co-option does not carry a cost.

In the event of an election all candidates will be given the opportunity to promote themselves via our Elections webpage.