The  Seaton Town Council Crest was granted to the Seaton Urban District Council on the 15th August 1967.

The blue background and wavy "chief" combine to suggest the sea washing the pebble beach. The ancient ship refers to Seaton's early importance as a small port and with the flags of St. George, to the contribution of the town to the English Fleet at Calais in 1346.

The two dolphins indicate the ancient fishing industry and the modern seaside resort, the dolphins being a symbol of playful friendliness. Two dolphins also supported the arms of the Trevelyan family, who were Lords of the Manor.  

The purple eagle alludes to the Roman history of Seaton, where a considerable site is thought to be a station of the second of Vespasian.

The Saxon crown refers to some of Seaton's earliest history. 

The red lion is from the arms of the County Council and also forms part of the traditional arms of St. Gregory, patron saint of the parish.

The unicorn's head is taken from the crest of the Head family, whose influence on Seaton's development commenced in 1607.


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