Seaton Town Council has five Committees

Planning - Seaton Town Council is a consultee for the local planning authority, which is East Devon District Council. They have the final decision for all planning applications. Meetings are usually held at 7pm on a fortnightly cycle.

Finance & General Purposes - The Finance and general purposes committee primarily reviews expenditure against the budget, which is set around January time for the following year. Meetings are usually at 7.15pm every month following the Planning Committee meeting.

Community & Open Spaces - Community events are planned and delivered from this committee, as well as monitoring play park inspections to ensure safety at all times.               Meetings are arranged as required and usually held in the day time.

Personnel - Personnel meet as necessary to discuss all matters relating to staffing issues. Meetings are usually confidential due to the nature of the work. Meetings are held as required.

Estates - The Estates Committee meet to discuss the management of Council properties and assets.  Meetings are generally held on a Monday evening every months starting at 7pm.

and two advisory committees


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